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Talk with your teen about Hopefulness & Coping

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Again this month, the Twelve Talks workgroup opted to promote a “talk” that is applicable to our current situation, this time on Hopefulness and Coping.

Talking to teens about hope and coping might be hard when all of us are dealing with fear, anxiety, financial worries, work pressures, and so much more. Just by opening up a discussion, though, you are helping your teen accept and deal with their feelings. As a bonus, teens may have some great insights to share with you. Take some time to talk to the teens in your life about how they are *really* doing.

Another topic:

As a parent or guardian, it can be hard to know how to talk with teens about COVID-19, particularly when we are anxious and don’t feel as though we have all of the information ourselves. Nevertheless, engaging with our teens in dialogue is important for everyone’s well-being. Be sure to remind them that we’re all in this together and even though it may be quite some time before the pandemic is over, it will resolve, and life will get back to normal.

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Keeping ahead of COVID-19

This rapidly evolving coronavirus (COVID-19) has imposed an unsettling, fluid situation upon our community and its businesses. While the team here still aims to maintain a “business as usual” approach, we are making a number of significant changes to our operations to account for a situation that is far from normal.