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Colorado State University Extension offices like the one in Jefferson County bring the research and resources of the university within easy reach to our community.

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CSU Extension, Jefferson County strives to meet the needs of our community. We prioritize offerings in the areas of Land, Youth and Community, and welcome people of all backgrounds and identities to participate in our offerings.

Program Assessment Highlights

CSU Extension, Jefferson County 2024 Report

# of Programs8383
# of Participants                                                             
Total number in attendance of offerings.
# of Youth Participants                                                
 Attendance up to 18 yo.
# of Jeffco Resident Participants                        
Attendance of known Jefferson County residents.
# of Samples                                                   
Plant/Insect Identification
# of Direct Education Hours                             
Number of hours educating participants.
# of Community Partner Collaborations        
Number of collaborative initiatives with other organizations
# of new Community Partner Collaborations
Number of first-time collaborative initiatives with other organizations.
# of Volunteer Engagements                              
Number of volunteers assisting or leading offerings.
# of Volunteer Hours Served                            
Number of hours served by volunteers.
  • ENOR Summer Camp received the Gamble Oak Award for the camp’s efforts in education and sustainability for 50 years in Jefferson County. Camp spots are open for 2024, register today!
  • 4-H Youth development collaborated with the National Western Stock Show and Front Range Region of CSU Extension to educate thousands of youth in local schools about agriculture. The team visited schools before the NWSS, and then met field trips group at the show.
  • 4-H Youth Development provided a Spring Break camp that featured vet science, wellness, canning, cooking, and baking workshops for youth 5-18.
  • The Colorado Master Gardener Fruit Tree team received 38 requests for site visits and have completed 24. These visits are an opportunity for Jefferson County residents to learn the proper care for fruit trees one-on-one.

CSU Extension, Jefferson County 2023 Year Report

# of Programs146180162154642
# of Participants1354847064265486227381
# of Youth Participants945515991245313015429
# of Jeffco Resident Participants606130323946350516544
# of Samples (Plant/Insect ID)23935884
# of Direct Education Hours46111975481362342
# of Community Partner Collaborations1421818037440
# of Volunteer Engagements4613858163762038
# of Volunteer Hours Served307446065638240215720
  • Nearly 125 4-H members exhibited at the 2023 Jeffco 4-H Fair in 32 different divisions ranging from animal projects to heritage arts and shooting sports educational displays to beekeeping. Fair Family Fun Day welcomed members and the public alike to the Jeffco Fairgrounds for a day full of activities, including the leader and alumni livestock show, relay races, tie dye, the youth livestock auction and a youth farmer’s market.
  • Colorado Master Gardener received over 50 applications to join the program.  20 apprentices will begin in October; this is the second cohort of apprentices since the pandemic.  We’re growing!
  • Family Leadership Training Session hosted a youth class to over 40 young people, in partnership with the Jefferson County Libraries. 
  • Natural Resources completed the Low Flammability Extension fact sheet alongside Extension professionals from across the state, and sent to partners.
  • The Low-Ignition garden at Lookout Mountain Nature Center had it’s first-ever planting day! The garden is based on a list of low ignition plants put out by the University of Idaho, consisting of plants that have been tested for their flammability, or likelihood to catch fire and their BTU output. The planting day had a great turnout and wonderful weather!
  • Our fermentation classes are a hit! We had 24 participants that were brand new to our Extension programs join us to make kimchi, yum!
  • Family Leadership Training Institute (FLTI) is transitioning to our local non-profit community partner, Edgewater Collective. We are excited to see the connection of their programming to this outstanding CSU Extension initiative.
  • Natural Resources (NR) worked with numerous community partners, such as local fire departments and municipalities, to plan for wildfire preparedness and mitigation.
  • 4-H staff and youth from CSU Extension in Adams, Arapahoe, Boulder, Jefferson and Weld counties facilitated agricultural education exposure through direct, experiential learning of 7356 students and 2376 teachers and chaperones at the 2023 National Western Stock Show.

CSU Extension, Jefferson County 2022 Year Report

 Q1Q2Q3Q4Annual Total
# of Programs24218448347821
# of Participants791141585336629823703
# of Youth Participants557120831448249511597
# of Jeffco Resident Participants380530413849488915584
# of Samples Processed in Plant Diagnostic ClinicNRNRNRNR296
# of Direct Education Hours28945846813272542
# of Community Partner Collaborations769821087471
# of Volunteer Engagements4024887467582394
# of Volunteer Hours Served283236124428624317114

Keeping ahead of COVID-19

This rapidly evolving coronavirus (COVID-19) has imposed an unsettling, fluid situation upon our community and its businesses. While the team here still aims to maintain a “business as usual” approach, we are making a number of significant changes to our operations to account for a situation that is far from normal.