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Native Plant Master Certification   arrow

The Native Plant Master Program is an award winning, non-credit, educational program offered by various County Extension offices through the State’s land-grant institution, Colorado State University.   

Certification as a Native Plant Master is earned by: 

  • Completing and passing three, 3-day Native Plant Master classes hosted by CSU Extension (36 hours of teaching time) 
  • Each course must be taken in a different life zone. 
  • The three courses do not need to be completed in one year, they may be completed over time. 
  • Participants seeking certification must pass each course exam with a grade of “C” or higher.  
  • Native Plant Master Program Coordinators will track your class data across counties, so if you live in Larimer County and take a class in Boulder County, your 3-day class will still count towards the certificate. Please retain class registration and completion information for your records as you will need this to apply for your Native Plant Master Certificate.  
  • Certification is awarded in December each year by your local county extension office. An email will be sent to all class attendees for the year, and then people will have the option to apply for their Native Plant Master certificate by showing they have completed 3 NPM courses in different life zones and passed all of the associated exams. 

The Life Zones offered by CSU are: 


Foothills + Montane  

Montane Meadow 

Plains + Grasslands 

Semi Desert Shrub  

Wetland + Riparian 


The Colorado Flora Certificate is no longer available. Class attendees may apply to become a Native Plant Master after completing three 3-day courses and passing associated exams. 

Photo of Erysimum capitatum flowers

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