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Common Garden and Landscape Problems   arrow

Common Garden and Landscape Problems

Learn how to care for your garden and landscaping for each season in Jefferson County.

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Wikimedia - Four Poplars in four seasons - Public Domain by Cherubino

Spring and Early Summer

Trees and Shrubs

  1. Brown needles on evergreens, happened quickly
  2. Brown needles on evergreens, happened over winter
  3. Scattered brown branches in low-lying junipers
  4. Brown branches on crabapple, apple, pear, mountain ash
  5. Small sticky clusters of insects on branches/leaves
  6. Sticky areas on branches/leaves
  7. Balls or knobs on aspen or poplar branches


  1. Dead areas, particularly on south, west exposures
  2. Dead appearing patches of grass, particularly before warm-up
  3. Dead areas of grass, scattered or in pattern
  4. Grass blades cream to tan-colored from tip down
  5. White circles of damaged grass appearing after lengthy snow cover melts
  6. Irregular tunneling in grass
  7. Dark green rings or arcs of grass
  8. Lawn grasses flowering


  1. Seeds don’t sprout, sprout slowly or appear to be missing
  2. Bean seedlings look like green sticks
  3. Seedlings cut off at soil line


Trees and Shrubs


  1. Brown/tan areas of grass, scattered or in pattern
  2. Grass blades cream to tan from tip of blade down
  3. Large (over 3 feet) dark green rings or arcs of grass


  1. Blooms not opening
  2. Flower buds/petals with small holes

Fruit and Vegetables

  1. Tomato problems
  2. Blotchy patches in leafy greens
  3. “Shotholes” in leaves of cabbage family, tomato/potato, squash, beans and/or lettuce
  4. Holes in cherry or plum fruit
  5. Tips of raspberry canes dying

Late Summer and Early Fall

Trees and Shrubs



Fall into Winter

Trees, Shrubs and Turf

Fall and Winter Watering

Throughout the Year

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