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New Jeffco Family Leadership Training Institute

Collage of FLTI Words Is there something you want to change in your neighborhood or school? Do you need some help to get started making your community a healthier place to live, work or play?

The new Jeffco Family Leadership Training Institute is a good place to start!


The Family Leadership Training Institute (FLTI) is a leadership program for adults and youth ages 11-17 offered by CSU Extension. FLTI includes:  problem solving, civic skills, networking, media relations, meeting elected leaders, learning about government, public speaking and lots of great food and fun!

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WHAT:        The Family Leadership Training Institute (FLTI) is a 20 week leadership initiative to help people make their communities healthier places to live, work and play. It is a series of interactive sessions where you learn public speaking, how to frame problems and solutions and who to contact in your community to get things started. It is a community building experience that includes weekly dinners. We spend a day at the Capitol getting to know our state legislators and will have local elected officials speak to the class during the 20 weeks. We encourage applications from both youth and adults in partnership or as individuals.

WHEN:          FLTI runs for 20 weeks, starting with a retreat, January 13th at Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design 1600 Pierce St. The class schedule is Thursday evenings sessions starting on January 18 and running through May 31st and will be held at Mountair Christian Church 1390 Benton St.  Each class starts with free dinner at 5pm and sessions run until 9pm. Child care and Spanish translation are provided for every class.

WHY:              To learn civic and leadership skills so you can become a family leader and make a difference in your neighborhood, school and community.


Apply to the FLTI Class of 2018 today at

Contact Kim Massey at or 303.271.6635.

The program is free through scholarships. An interview is required.



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